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S2 E10: We read historical fiction and love it

This week the gang reads historical fiction. Alisa and Aileen are old pros at this sub-genre while Josie and Lauren are more like dabblers. Ironically, almost all of the...

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Guest host writer/director Barbara Stepansky

Ever wonder how your favorite book becomes a movie or a TV show? Well, wonder no longer because we have brought in a bona-fide filmmaker to explain it. Lauren...

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S2 E8: Books on our nightstands

This week on Fiction Between Friends, anything goes! It was the “What’s on Your Nightstand?” show. Aileen read Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld. A modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice...

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S2 E7: Books that got us through the pandemic

We talked about it, and we’ve decided that the pandemic is over. For now, at least. And we wanted to celebrate that by talking about what helped get us...

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S2 E6: Books set in New England (our hometown)

This week we all read books that were set in our neck of the woods. New England! Aileen starts us off with On Beauty by Zadie Smith. Set at...

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S2 E5: Books that made us laugh

We felt like we needed to lighten up a bit, so this week we read books that made us laugh. Lauren read an old favorite, One for the Money...

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