S2 E14: We all read Latinx writers!

*Trigger warning: The beginning of this episode starts off with a politically charged conversation about the Supreme Court and the recent overturning of Roe v Wade. But we eventually do talk about books.

 ** Also, this is our last episode  before our summer break, but we will be back in the fall rested and refreshed, with more amazing books to share with you all.

Aileen read Olga Dies Dreaming by Sochi Gomez, a story that explores two different interpretations of the American Dream inside one Puerto Rican family living in New York City. 

 Lauren read (and absolutely adored) Women of Light by Kali Fajardo-Anstine, which follows a Mexican American family that has been displaced and resettled, and how they try to integrate and re-establish their lives. 

 Alisa read Martita, I Remember You by Sandra Cisneros, a heart-rending story about missing friends told by a Mexican woman living in Chicago.

And Josie just couldn’t put down Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, a page turning supernatural romance of the highest order, this book delved into Mayan mythology.

4 comments on “S2 E14: We all read Latinx writers!

  1. Emma says:

    You guyyyys you’re gonna make me blush (and possibly cry on public transport). To be honest it was just a lot of fun to put that list together, I kind of do it automatically while browsing TikTok so writing it down was pretty much just another way to clear my head. I already have so much more saved that I think I might have to start my own booktok account.

    As someone who’s watching from the other side of the pond, what’s happening in the USA currently is so scary. I’m terrified for my american friends and their loved ones, especially when you look at the precedent these rulings set. Roe V Wade was so clearly only the first on a long list that will mostly affect the people who are already at a disadvantage. And what’s also really scary is the thought that these rulings will lead to more people from majority red states leaving for blue states, making those red states more red and possibly tipping the scales in 50/50 states for right wing politicians. And that being the [ausgangspunkt] for coming elections is really scary.

    My friends and I write each other letters a lot! Every time one of us goes on vacation we don’t share pictures until we’re with each other again, we write cards. Often, that card doesn’t arrive until the holiday is long over, but I collect them all (fun fact: the last card I got was from a friend who went to Nantucket and wrote to me basically just to complain about the tourists – as if she wasn’t a tourist herself lol). I also have some friends I write actual letters to, for the sole reason that we all have fancy sets we got as kids with feather, ink and seal and we realized we never use them so we write to each other. Some of them even live on the same street I do, so we don’t send them via mail but just put them in each other’s doorstep when we walk past each other’s houses. And I keep all those letters, regardless of how trivial or stupid the content of them is. I absolutely love it, and really recommend it as a silly little friendship excercise – also works really well on kids, you just give them a piece of paper to write to grandparents or friends and they usually go all out (in my babysitting experience), and it’s a great time for everyone.

    See the thing about Daphne is… I also didn’t like her in Starcrossed, but I do understand her. Daphne from SCIONS however has done nothing to anyone yet (who didn’t have it coming anyway) so I love her now. Daphne’s backstory for me is definitely a case of “explanation, not an excuse”, which is okay. She doesn’t have to be perfectly reasonable, I like my book characters a little mad and desperate.

    “Ana, daughter of Lauren” already sounds very illiad-y though lol. Now you just need at least five more names to complete the family line and trace it all the way back to some god and you’re all set for an on-theme celebrity review.

    Have fun on your vacation! I hope you have a lovely holiday with lots of time to relax and read more books, of course 😉

    As usual, lots of love

    1. Josie says:

      Thank you Emma! <3

  2. SHAUNA says:

    How are all of you doing?? I miss hearing you and hope to have you back soon!

    1. Josie says:

      Hi Shauna!

      As you can imagine I am up to my wits’ end with the release of my new book, so I am going to be taking a little more time off. Sorry! I do plan on doing more episodes, probably sometime in November. I’ll keep you all posted. xoxo

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